Moments with Tony Wong

Published: April 19, 2009

Moments with Tony Wong

To actor-director Tony Wong (of Homo Superus fame), friendship is "almost more important than the love which he feels all gay men spend too much time seeking." Wong and his real life friend, dancer Allen Lam, explores the complexities of friendship in Moments in the Palm of Your Hand, now showing till Apr 19 at the Hong Kong Arts Centre.

Hong Kong’s Fringe Club, 4pm on a Friday, and Tony Wong Lung-pun relaxes after completing a gruelling month of rehearsals for his new show, Moments in the Palm of Your Hand. Fresh from the downpour outside in Central, he takes breath and a Coke, and tells me how he came to be one of Hong Kong’s leading actors, one of its small band of producer/directors as well as one of its best known glamorous gay icons.

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