Missing South African Lesbian Found in Trash Bin

Published: September 12, 2011

The decomposing body of a South African woman was found Friday in a neighbor’s trash bin behind the victim’s home.

Nontsikelelo Tyatyeka, a 21-year-old lesbian, disappeared from her family home last September. Her 29-year-old neighbor, a man she reportedly grew up with in Mau-Mau, Nyanga, was arrested and will be charged with her murder.

According to the victim’s mother, Nombasa Tyatyeka, 50, the body was discovered after a friend of the suspect accidentally revealed the grisly details of Nontsikelelo’s fate.

“In August, my nephew was listening to a song written for [Nontsikelelo]’s return and when this man heard it he told my nephew the suspect tried to sleep with her, and when she refused because she’s a tomboy, he stabbed her,” says Nombasa.

The man, she says, claimed Nontsikelelo was wrapped in a blanket and stuffed under a bed before being placed in the outside trash bin.

“This is nothing but homophobia,” South Africa’s  Daily Voice  quotes one resident as saying. “The suspects must be punished.”

The newspaper reports that the suspect’s home has been “destroyed” since his arrest.

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