Minister speaks on same sex marriage

Published: August 7, 2014

Saint Lucia’s Minister of Home Affairs, Legal Affairs and National Security  – Victor la Corbiniere has  been speaking out on the issue of same-sex marriages.

“I have said on some of the social issues that there are a number of factors that we have to take into consideration, including the cultural and religious orientation of the society and that has to be considered in the context of other issues,” La Corbiniere told the Times.

According to him, the nation has to give consideration to its own history, what the people believe, and what they consider to be an important value.

However the Minister acknowledged that what may be considered an important value at present, may not be considered important by the society in the future.

“I believe it is a pivotal issue that we would have to confront and discuss, relating to what are our values as a society and where we want those values to go,” he said, adding that it could not simply be a matter of changing because of being asked by someone else or because it is “the in thing.”

“That is the kind of discussion the society has to have first before we can talk about legislating on issues such as this,” the Minister asserted.

La Corbinier’s comments came  on the heels of suggestions by the Saint Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association (SLHTA) that same sex marriages could become the new frontier for tourism development.

Saint Lucia  has won the World Travel Award’s "World’s Leading Honeymoon Destination" for the past 7 years in a row, and some tourism industry insiders believe the same sex marriage market is one that can reap huge dividends for  the Island at a time of serious economic challenges.

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