MENA+ Launches First Network of People Living with HIV in the Middle East & North Africa

MPact is excited to congratulate MENA Plus on launching a new regional initiative that aims to address the issues of people living with HIV in the Middle East & North Africa.

MENA Plus is led by MPact Board Member Julian Kerboghosian, a longtime HIV/AIDS advocate whose work has focused on amplifying the voices of youth and other key populations around the world. Based in Lebanon, Julian brings his years of experience working with the global network of young people living with HIV (Y+) to this new endeavor.

“The Middle East and North Africa region is one of the regions with continuous rise in HIV infections, AIDS related deaths and low treatment coverage,” said MENA Plus’ founding board members in today’s press release. “National and Regional efforts have made progress within the HIV response, but more is still needed.“

This new initiative was founded by a group of community leaders living with HIV whose mission is to enhance the leadership, representation and effective engagement of people living with HIV in health, social and funding opportunities as well as care and advocacy. “Nothing for Us, without Us” the press release said.

“Being from the MENA region and having worked as an advocate there for over ten years, I am happy and proud to see communities stepping up and leading the response to HIV,” said MPact’s Community Mobilization Manager Johnny Tohme. “I have full faith in the leaders of MENA Plus to represent and elevate the needs of people living with HIV, and I look forward to collaborating with them on the global level.”

The network also aims to engage with civil society, national networks of people living with HIV, global key population networks, donors and multilateral agencies to ensure progress on the HIV front and inclusion of all affected populations. MPact has supported the work of networks like MENA Plus since our inception: it is through the actions of networks of people living with HIV and other key populations that the biggest advances in the HIV response have occurred.

MPact looks forward to working with MENA Plus to achieve their vision of a society where people living with HIV in all their diversity and differences live with respect and dignity, enjoying their full rights and equal in opportunities.

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