Men who have sex with Men. Educational intervention

Published: August 1, 2008

Men who have sex with Men. Educational intervention

The project´s objectives were to raise the risk percepction in the group of Men who have Sex with other Men between de ages of 15 and 35 years old belonging to Pinar del Río City, promote a liable sexuality in them, raise the Public Health staff and other fields´ leaders awareness regarding the MSM and HIV/AIDS problem and strengthen the health promotion actions aimed at this social group, from Primary Health Attention, because of being Men who have Sex with other Men the most affected group by AIDS epidemic in our province and country. Training and sensitizing workshops were carried out directed towards goverment and social sectors leaders and Public Health staff. Some others were also carried out based on experiences concerning to spiritual growth, safe sex and protected sex for MSM, even educators training, interventions in meeting places for MSM, video debates, production and distribution of educational materials with specific information for MSM. Taking into account the components of health promotion regarding skills and personal attitudes, it was achieved that a bigger quantity of MSM assume responsible attitudes concerning their sexuality obtaining skills for the condom negotiation. Regarding the component related to the reinforcement of the community action, we achieved the active involvement of MSM in the project´s activities, becoming them promoters and carrying out educational activities in meeting places for gays, communities and recreational centers. Concerning the health services reorientation, adviser services were created in the community, particularly for MSM.

Relating to the component of public policies, the condom trade has been reinforced making the availability for this group easier in central drugstores, bars, cafeterias and discos. By means of this project, the raising of leaders of the different social sectors, goverment, health public staff and public awareness was achieved providing in this way much social acceptance towars this group.

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