Meeting Report: "Moving from Intentions to Action" Second International Expert Meeting on HIV Prevention for MSM, WSW, and TG

Published: November 5, 2009

Proudly we present to you the report of the Hivos-Schorer Expert Meeting on HIV Prevention for MSM, WSW, and TG, which was held in Amsterdam on 5 and 6 November. Looking back, we can say that we are pleased with the outcomes and results of the meeting. The two meeting days were full of presentations, discussions and debates, and we were extremely happy to see so many participants in the meeting. We could welcome 130 participants from all around the globe, almost twice as much as in the last expert meeting in 2007.

The Expert Meeting showed that there is a great need for meetings like this to learn from each other, and to discuss and formulate recommendations for future research, policies and implementing programmes on MSM/WSW/TG and HIV prevention.

As said, the meeting produced a good set of conclusions and recommendations, but now the challenge is to put these into action. We cannot simply afford to wait another two years for a next expert meeting to put in practice what we recommend. We surely hope that all the readers will take up a part of the work that lies before us. Only together and with joint efforts we can improve the situation of MSM/WSW and TGs. We have to ensure they are visible in research, can participate in prevention programmes, have access to care and services, are able to exercise their rights, and will have an improved overall well-being. The momentum to work towards lasting changes for these groups is now. Let us move indeed from intentions to actions… now!

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