Meet someone who isn't male or female and wants a new type of passport

Published: October 24, 2014

Anastasia Kyriacou
Original Article:

PinkNews discusses Elan-Cane’s campaign which calls for non gender-specific X passports, in order to increase social visibility and the rights of individuals who identify as neither male nor female.

How are you working with the global law firm Clifford Chance on your campaign to have legal recognition of non-gendered citizens?

“Around the spring of 2013 I approached Clifford Chance in the aftermath of a disastrous outcome from a passport policy ‘review’ that was undertaken by the former Identity and Passport Service (now renamed HM Passport Office). I wanted to discuss the legal position with regard to ‘X’ passports.”

The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Document 9303 recognises non gender-specific ‘X’ as an alternative to ‘Male’ and ‘Female’ options on Passports. Changes were made to Australian passport rules in 2011 which allowed the option of ‘X’ in passports there, while New Zealand also offers the gender-neutral option on passports in accordance with the ICAO.

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