Mavuno Church Opens Discussion On Homosexuality In Sex Files Series

Published: October 24, 2012

LAST SUNDAY, Mavuno Church continued with its controversial series, Sex Files by touching on the taboo issue of homosexuality.

The main focus last Sunday was on Homosexuality and Gender Identity and everything that revolves around these issues; the question asked as the service began was, “As children of Christ, how do people react to a person who’s sexual orientation is different from theirs?”

There was a noted silence as the preacher, Pastor Kyama Mugambi started his sermon focusing on man-woman relationships  in the Bible and on the other hand, the love for one another and accepting each others diversity.

According to the church, same sex attraction and homosexuality is a struggle or a lifestyle practice that a person has been introduced to. It believes that until one reconciles their sexuality with the teaching of the Bible, one will never be fully satisfied.

‘We are made in God’s spiritual image. We derive our spiritual purpose, sense of belonging and destiny in God. Before we are sexual beings we are spiritual beings’

In a blog post, Mavuno wrote, ‘I don’t think there is anywhere the pain and stigma of identity is more acute than in the area of sexual identity – and orientation. The question of sexual orientation is shrouded in mystery, suspicion and conflict. This is perhaps because our sexual activities are intensely personal.’

It added, ‘The question of gay identity has become an area of uncomfortable silence on one hand, or conflict – a sore point of contention, word throwing and even stone throwing.’

Speaking to Identity Kenya, Zawadi Nyong’o, an LGBTI human rights activist, who was also in the forefront of discussions prior to the sermons, said that the sermon was different and for the first time the topic was preached without any hate towards LGBTI persons.

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