Mark S. King's First Video From the MSMGF Pre-Conference!

Gay Men at AIDS2016 Talk Stigma, Chem Sex and PrEP Drug Smuggling

The most stunning facet of the MSM pre-conference (“Gay Day”) at AIDS2016, sponsored by MSMGF, was that so many of the gay men in attendance had the courage to show up at all. Held Saturday, the gathering featured hundreds of gay HIV advocates, including those from countries in which they risk dire consequences for being open about their sexuality – or for even providing services to other gay men.

In my first installment of my video blog coverage of AIDS2016, I was surprised at how personally these gay men spoke about their lives back home. I also chatted with a “chemsex” expert from the United Kingdom about the surprising rates of crystal meth use among gay Londoners, and, as a bonus, I even engaged in a little PrEP drug smuggling with a German who is taking the prevention medication — even though PrEP has yet to be approved in his home country.

Chris Beyrer, the openly gay president of the International AIDS Society, the conveners of the massive AIDS2016 conference, also has some strong words about the language around “ending AIDS,” while hailing PrEP as the most powerful and effective new prevention tool since the condom.

My coverage continues this week with planned marches, activist protests, and trips to the eye-popping Global Village. The Global Village represents everything inspiring and creative about AIDS activism from around the globe. It’s like “It’s A Small World” for AIDS. I can’t wait to show it to you.

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  1. Mark, I loved your interviews so far. Love that you can be the one to “transfer” needed medication to another. We can’t be there so we’ll keep watching your videos for more on Durban!! Thanks!!

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