Manifold health intervention based on peer education

Published: August 1, 2008

Manifold health intervention based on peer education

Issues: In three provinces of Northeast China, Dalian City is one of the cities where MSM group is most active. In these MSM, the STD/AIDS population is rising swiftly. It is an important step to take intervention action on high-risk behaviors among MSM group for control of AIDHIV transmission.

Description: Target group:MSM group in Dalian City.

Item actions:Outreach activities, Peer education, Competence construction, To teach safe sexual behaviors, To combine recreational and sports activities with prevention propaganda,Raise health awareness and promote public relations, Net station propaganda, Consultation hot-line.

Lessons learned: To raise knowing rate of knowledge of AIDS/HIV prevention and decrease high risk sexual behaviors;To raise awareness on voluntary consultation and examination;To establish peer education troops and enlarge prevention power;Depending on item, to integrate multi-department power and further make every government department to attach more importance to AIDS/HIV prevention work.

Next steps: Combining with development condition of HSP group in Dalian at present , to develop item persistently and deeply , keep positive and persistent development tendency and form generalized intervention mode.

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