Managing crystal meth: tina and gay men

Nic Holas
Original Article:

“I’m being destructive, and I know it.”?This statement comes from community consultation I did recently with HIV-positive gay men on how they feel they’re being affected by using crystal meth, otherwise known as ice, or tina in the queer community.

If you have picked up a newspaper recently, you’d have heard of the crystal meth ‘epidemic’ ruining Australian lives. It’s clearly a powerful drug that, like GHB and ecstasy before it, is having its moment in the spotlight (despite having been on the market for decades). Whether smoked or injected, the wider community perceives crystal meth as a ‘dirty’ drug associated with the mythologised image of ‘meth face’, with teeth missing and wiry, ruined bodies.

Amongst gay men, the perception is slightly different but the fear is the same. The drug is invading online and cruising app discourse: ‘wired play’ and ‘PnP’ (party and play) are some of the terms used to navigate sex play involving tina. Just as common is the emphatic ‘no wired guys’ stipulation.

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