Man With Gender Identity Disorder Wins Case Against Thika Police Who Stripped Him

Published: June 19, 2013

NAIROBI, KENYA – A MAN suffering from a gender identity disorder has won a case against the police for stripping him naked in public to check his sexual identity.

Lady Justice Mumbi Ngugi ruled that officers at the Thika Police Station violated the rights and dignity of Alexander Ng’ung’u Nthungi and awarded him Sh200,000.

The judge ruled that in ascertaining Nthungi’s gender, the police had no capacity to strip him and the best they could do was refer him to a medical doctor for gender assessment.

“By subjecting him to a search in front of the public and the media, the police appear to have had an intention of humiliating him because he was dressed like a woman. It is also regrettable that the media participated in the assault on his dignity and privacy by broadcasting the incident,” Justice Ngugi ruled.

Mr Nthungi said in his affidavit that although he was born a man, he feels more like a woman and has been dressing like one.

On January 14, 2011 while at his grocery shop in Thika and dressed like a woman, police officers arrested him and took him to Makongeni Police Station for questioning on claims of assaulting a woman.

When they reached the police station, the officers invited the public and the media to witness their action.

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