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Dear MPact Supporter,

My name is Othman Mellouk and I am an advocate from Morocco where I work to ensure marginalized communities have access to HIV treatment. I also have the privilege of serving on the Board of Directors of MPact Global Action for Gay Men’s Health and Rights. And today, I’m writing to ask for you to make a financial contribution to our work.

In Morocco, being gay is criminalized. Gay and bisexual men lack access to basic needs such as health services or education. Because of the discrimination they face from many healthcare providers, gay men avoid seeking services for care and treatment even when they are ill. Because of stigma from their teachers and schoolmates, they are often forced stop their studies which ultimately may lead to their financial insecurity.

Working with MPact has allowed me to fight against these injustices, and given me the tools and resources I need to continue advocating for the health and rights of my community. That’s why I am asking for you to join me in supporting MPact’s work around the globe.

Before I learned about the work that MPact does, I believed that gay men living in countries such as Morocco had no choice but to accept their circumstances. MPact has shown me that communities that are empowered and well-resourced can create their own services, support one another, and even change how public services are provided by the government through advocacy.

Thanks to MPact, I have the hope that gay and bisexual men around the world will be able to live safe and healthy lives, and to display their love proudly.

With gratitude,
Othman Mellouk
Co-Chair, Board of MPact

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