Makarere University Students Lobby for MP David Bahati's Anti-Homosexuality Bill of 2009

Published: April 6, 2011

Derrick Waiswa, the Makerere University leader of the Coalition of Concerned Youth Against Homosexuality, was arrested in Uganda’s Parliament yesterday after attempting to conduct an unauthorised press conference about the Anti-Homosexuality Bill of 2009. He had led a group of university students to meet with the chairman of the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee, Stephen Tashobya. It appears that Derrick Waiswa attends Makerere Community Church where Martin Ssempa serves as pastor.

The Razor reports on Waiswa’s meeting with Tashobya. Much of what was shared with the chairman of the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee mirrors the rhetoric of Martin Ssempa himself.

It may sound bizarre, but Makerere University students are being lured into homosexuality by minority groups. Parliament heard yesterday that they are being paid an attractive monthly allowance of Shs800,000. Derrick Waiswa, a student leader at Makekere University, yesterday petitioned Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee chairman Stephen Tashobya in his office at Parliament demanding that the House expedite debating the Homosexuality Bill 2009 so that it is passed into law to save the situation.

“Mr Chairman, I am a concerned Ugandan citizen because I know that, in the near future, I will become a parent and I am worried that my children will be recruited to be homosexuals. If the Bill is not debated and passed, I am worried that the future of Ugandan children is at stake,” said Waiswa.

Waiswa, who heads the Coalition of Concerned Youth Against Homosexuality at Makerere University, wondered why Parliament was taking so long to debate the Bill – two years after it was tabled on the floor of the House and less than a month before the Eighth Parliament expires.

“Mr Chairman, I have evidence that you are under pressure from the gay groups and donors not to pass the Bill. I have seen emails from the pro-gay activists threatening MPs not to pass the Bill. Is that why you have taken long to debate and pass the Bill?” asked Waiswa.

Waiswa said that last semester he received two cases of students who were successfully lured to join gay groups and has been urging fellow students to keep alert as the numbers seem to be growing. He did not disclose names of the already recruited students.
The article also claims that Tashobya is looking for a way to get the Anti-Homosexuality Bill of 2009 out of committee. It is important to note that The Razor does not mention Waiswa’s arrest.

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