Lifting the Veil on Depression in Black Gay Men – Part I

Published: May 17, 2010

Lifting the Veil on Depression in Black Gay Men – Part I

On Friday, Apr 30, according to a New York daily, New York Daily News, a 20-year-old man posing as a subway track worker caused a terror scare. At about 5:30am, track maintenance workers picking up garbage, noticed someone they did not recognize as being a worker like them in the subway tunnel connecting the Borough Hall in Brooklyn and Bowling Green in Manhattan stations, under the East River, along the Number 4 and 5 lines. 

The police was summoned and the young man, a Pace University student, was taken into custody on suspicion of attempting to commit a terrorist act, but when his backpack was searched, it was discovered to contain a bottle of sodium cyanide pills – when heated is used for cleaning jewelery, a large bottle of water and some flares. On questioning, Aaron Fetto, declared to the authorities that he was not a terrorist and that all he wanted to do was to find a corner where he could mix the pills with the water and drink it, to commit suicide.

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