LGBT protestors demand scrapping of Brazil's 'gay cure' bill

Published: June 23, 2013

Thousands of gays joined the protests in Brazil demanding change and investment in real issues, people rather than in corrupt politicians and a ‘gay cure’ bill.

The bill, if passed, will allow psychologists to offer a ‘treatment’ to ‘cure’ gay people.

The ‘Cura Gay’ (gay cure) bill, was authored by Congressman João Campos and promoted by the president of Brazil’s parliamentary Commission for Human Rights (CDHM), Marco Feliciano, still needs to go through two House committees before being voted on.

Psychologists and LGBT rights groups jointly called for protestors to raise this issue in the nationwide protests, with many heeding their call all over the country.

Yesterday (22 June) thousands of LGBT activists and sex workers marched in the streets of the country’s capital, Brasilia, demanding the ‘Cura Gay’ law scrapped.

On Friday (21 June) over 4,000 LGBT protestors along with psychologists and healthcare professionals took to the streets of São Paulo calling for the resignation of Feliciano, and poking fun at the ‘Cura Gay’ law project with colorful banners and costumes.

Amongst the protestors, a lesbian couple and their child, held a banner saying ‘My mums don’t need cure! #Feliciano, you don’t represent my family’, while two bear chested hunks held a sign saying ‘Feliciano, look at what you’re missing’.

Marcelo, a 21 year old student who participated in São Paulo’s protests told Gay Star News: ‘We simply had enough, all eyes are on Brazil now because of the world football cup and the Olympics, so let everyone see the reality here; Junior politicians earn more than three times the salary of the British prime minister, appointing friends and family to public office and misusing the high taxes we pay for law projects like “gay cure”.

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