'LGBT issue should surpass the elite'

Published: February 26, 2012

On the last day of the fourth Bangalore Queer Film Fest at the Alliance Francaise, Tanvi Talwar, director of ‘Between The Two’ spoke to Deccan Herald about sexuality and its acceptance in society. The film, shot in Bangalore and which brings to the fore a representative from the hijra community in the City, was among the 59 films screened at the fest.

The director met Sneha at an NGO and realised that though she was called a ‘hijra’, Sneha was more feminine than her in mannerisms and grooming. In the 19-minute film featuring the director along with members of the hijra community in Bangalore, the film unravels the sexuality on both sides.

Positive look
Talwar has a lot of good things to say about hijras in Bangalore. She feels that the community in Bangalore is the most sensitive and approachable compared to all other places in India. The general perception is that “they are in-your-face loud.” It is quite the contrary, she points out. The LGBT community has been getting many tall promises by politicians about opening separate schools for them and providing job opportunities.

However, not much has materialised till now, Talwar says. Getting an ID proof such as the voters’ ID card and PAN card is always a tussle for members of the community and more so, in case of name change after transformation of gender.

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