LGBT Iranian and Palestinian/Israeli films debut

Published: March 31, 2010

LGBT Iranian and Palestinian/Israeli films debut

Seven young transsexuals struggle with their identities in Tehran, amidst a forceful and patriarchal Iranian society. This film is categorised as "documentary", although it is mostly acted and scripted, employing some documentary style techniques. It may meander along fictional lines, but that doesn’t make it any less true, informative and compelling, funny and tragic.

Korean-American Buddhist Yun Suh has chosen the lgb people of Israel and Palestine as the subject of her first feature documentary in City of Borders… Yun Suh says that she was working as a journalist in Jerusalem when she kept seeing the same phone number written on walls around the city. Graffiti claimed that this man was responsible for earthquakes and plague, and that everyone should call him. So she did. But instead of cursing him with death threats (as he was used to) she started a conversation and discovered the man was called Sa’ar, the first openly gay city council member, and owner of the only gay bar in Jerusalem, Shushan.

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