LGBT in Albania ready to co-work with the new government of Edi Rama. They thank the outgoing PM Berisha

Published: July 1, 2013

Xheni Karaj and Kristi Pinderi, recently involved in a process of monitoring political parties and the attitude they have towards LGBT, under an initiative called "Think Politically", have thanked Mr. Sali Berisha the outgoing PM for the support he has given, according to them, to the LGBT community.

In a message directed to Berisha who resigned after he lost the elections of June 23, the activists underline: "Wishing you the best, we thank you for the support you have given to our movement during all the last 4 years. Despite how LGBT have voted, we appreciate especially the approval of the Law for Protection from Discrimination and your intervention in the parliamentary group of the Democratic Party in 2010 to endorse the law as requested by the civil society with no changes that would have make it inapplicable and for your willingness to speak publicly for LGBT rights. All the best. "
Earlier, representatives of the Alliance LGBT and United for the rights of LGBT (ProLGBT) have congratulated for the victory Mr. Edi Rama and Mr. Ilir Meta.
In the report "Think Politically" supported by the Program of Small Grants in the Commission for Democracy in the American Embassy, SP of Rama results to be the only party that addresses in its program LGBT issues. (Read more at this link:
While commitments to protect the LGBT community were taken earlier this month by Mr. Berisha himself and Mr. Meta (left wing, in coalition with the designated Prime Minister Edi Rama) in the meetings they had with the leaders of the LGBT movement.

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