Let young people most affected by HIV shape the future of UNAIDS

Published: December 5, 2011

We have all been stunned at the recent news from the Global Fund, that Round 11 has been postponed and the signing of many Round 10 grants be delayed. The impact that this has on the HIV response could be devastating. Reaching 15 million people living with HIV with treatment by 2015 is now unlikely to become a reality. Ensuring that new infections among young people are halved by 2015 is now unlikely to become a reality. UNLESS -­?we act now to support and strengthen existing structures to shape and drive the HIV response to meet all of our needs. Lets start taking collective action.

In launching the CrowdOutAIDS platform, UNAIDS Executive Director, Michael Sidibe highlighted “It is
absolutely critical that we engage young people—not as recipients of our messages but as the actors and creators of change.”

UNAIDS are currently developing their New Generation Leadership (NGL) strategy and in order build a sense of greater ownership and buy in from young people, they decided to crowd-­?source a part of this process, i.e.let any young person from anywhere around the world share their opinions, their experiences and their needs to help shape NGL strategy.

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