Law against homosexuality propaganda among minors does not mean discrimination

Published: October 1, 2013

STRASSBOURG, October 1. (Itar-Tass) – The law prohibiting propaganda of homosexual relations among minors will not become a tool of discrimination, said State Duma chairman Sergei Naryshkin during his address at PACE.

“Many commentators, deliberately or not, omit these words – ‘propaganda among minors.’ Thus they distort both the content and motivation of this law,” the spokesman stressed. “Concerns that that it will become a tool used to discriminate against minorities were voiced, but I don’t share them. And it’s not just because of now examples of this happening,” he added. “For example, if it’s prohibited to cross the road when the traffic light is red, that doesn’t mean people can’t walk on streets,” he explained. The official emphasized that “individuals of any sexual orientation are not persecuted because of their orientation is schools, at their jobs or during public and political activity.” “They’re free to live their lives the way they want to,” Naryshkin added. “However, children should not be forced any views upon them before maturity. Most importantly, they shouldn’t be exposed to propaganda,” the spokesman concluded.
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