Launch of the UK's first Transgender Action Plan brings a December e-bulletin

Published: December 4, 2011

In this issue:
Message from Lynne Featherstone, Minister for Equalities
Overview of our online surveys

What’s new?
Hello everybody! Nothing gives me greater pleasure to introduce the fourth edition of our ebulletin
on a day that marks a landmark on the journey to transgender equality.
Earlier this year we began a national conversation with the transgender community to find out
from you the areas we needed to be focusing on to make a difference to your lives. We launched
a series of online surveys to ensure we reached to ensure we reached the widest possible number
of people. In total we received an amazing 2,172 responses – making our surveys the largest
form of engagement with the transgender community ever to be conducted in the UK.
Today, and on the back of that work, I am proud to launch the first ever cross-Government action
plan to advance transgender equality – Advancing transgender equality: a plan for action. It lays
out our vision and the focus for our commitment to deliver equality for transgender people. It
includes firm commitments from across the breadth of social policy aimed at making a real
difference to your lives. This is a long overdue piece of work – and I want to take this opportunity
to thank each and every one of you who responded to our surveys and took the time to speak to
us to make this action plan possible.

However, we cannot pat ourselves on the back for a job well done just yet. The challenges facing
the transgender community should not be underestimated. While the action plan marks a huge
step forward in addressing these challenges, it is not the magic bullet which will solve all.
This Government is committed to making change happen. But we cannot do this our own. It will
take all of us working together to make change happen. Next year we will be holding a call for
evidence which will give you an opportunity to tell which parts of the action plan you think have
worked well and which parts need to be implemented more effectively. We want to see as many
people as possible taking part. So please, help us spread the message by telling your peers about
the action plan and posting this edition of the e-bulletin on your blogs and discussion forums.
It’s only with your continued input, challenge and support that we will be able to make the
changes necessary to make a real difference to transgender people’s lives.
Click on the following link to view Lynne Featherstone talking about the action plan:

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