Kunda challenges Government on gay rights, describes Dr Scott as a dummy Vice President

Published: February 29, 2012

Former Republican Vice president George Kunda has challenged government to state its position on recent calls by UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon to have homosexuality rights recognized.

Speaking during a press briefing at the MMD secretariat, Mr. Kunda who is also party chairperson for legal affairs said Zambia is a Christian nation that must not allow foreign culture to be imposed on its people.

Mr. Kunda said it is therefore prudent for government to come out in the open and make their stance on the matter known.

And Mr. Kunda says the first five Months of the PF in power have subjected members of the MMD to untold sufferings adding that law enforcement agencies are on rampage brutalizing MMD members.

He says Zambia is headed for a one party state system with the rate at which the PF government is presiding over national matters where the PF party is supreme over government.

Mr. Kunda adds that it is surprising for PF General Secretary Winter Kabimba to go on national television and defend the President’s U-turn on the Barotseland agreement even before the matter is subjected to cabinet scrutiny.

He claims that Mr. Kabimba’s action and many other decisions that President Sata makes without consulting are a clear indication that party is more superior than government.

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