Knowledge and behaviour of MSM who have sexual relations with women

Published: August 1, 2008

Knowledge and behaviour of MSM who have sexual relations with women

Background: HIV/AIDS prevention research as well as prevention programmes use the term MSM to include all men who have sex with men with a special focus on the male-to-male behaviour. With our analysis we intended to have a better understanding of this group and see where it´s knowledge, attitudes and behaviour differ from MSM having no sexuel relations with women.

Methods: 2007 a quantitative research was conducted in Austria under the title "AIDS-How do gay men live today?". The study took in cooperation with the Social Science Research Center Berlin. The questionaire was published in gay media and availiable on gay internet sites. 854 men participated; 12% reported to have had sex with women in the last 12 months, 10% percent had chosen "bisexual" to name their identity. Testing stochastic ordering between two independent distributions was conducted through application of Mann-Whitney-statistic.

Results: Men having had sex with men and women within the last 12 months showed the following characteristics:
1) Receptive oral sex was evidently higher present.
2) Information regarding HIV/AIDS is more often asked for and mainly obtained through the internet and still a higher level of fear and missbelieves was found.
3) While the avoidance of certain settings is self-reported as riskmanagement the group showed a higher presence in venues with infrastructure for sexual encounters.
4) The man-to-man aspect of their sexuality is hidden to others in every-daylife and same sex partnerships are not seen as a personal option.

Conclusions: Men who have sex with men and women show a higher level of missbelieves and fears regarding HIV/AIDS. Gay sexuality is practised but an open gay lifestyle seems not to be a personal perspective. To reach this population the internet seems to be the best tool for prevention and counselling.

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