Kickstart-ing Gay Film Projects

Published: December 17, 2013

 Making a pledge to a Kickstarter film or series is like making a pledge to public television. You’re not an investor and you won’t get a piece of the profits. You’re simply helping the recipient to present the kind of material you’d like to see.

“Making a show is hard work!” says Madison Singer of “The 3 Bits,” a gay web series that is currently seeking funding. “Especially one like ours that is single-handedly combating the mainstream destruction of everything weird and wonderful.”
Singer’s goal is $50,000, which she says will pay for the next nine episodes of the series. “To achieve the high quality look of the show, we hire talented actors and rent professional equipment. It will take three weeks to shoot the next nine episodes,” she says.
Just as public television hands out DVDs or a tote bag to donors based on the size of their contribution, Kickstarter offers its own incentives. Items range from tee shirts to toenails.
Where Kickstarter and public television drives differ – and this is where it gets interesting – Kickstarter collects no money from donors until the pledge reaches its target amount. If it doesn’t reach that amount by the fundraising drive’s scheduled end date, donors keep their money and the drive is canceled.
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