Key Population Empowerment Leadership Program | PEPFAR Technical Brief & Webinar

MPact is pleased to announce the release of our new technical brief “From Commitments to Actions: Prioritizing Key Populations in PEPFAR Programs”

Download the Technical Brief in English | Télécharger la Note Technique en Français

Download the Brief

This technical brief is intended for key population advocates and key population-led organizations who engage with PEPFAR mechanisms at the country and regional levels. The brief is a useful resource that will help these stakeholders to better understand PEPFAR’s financial and policy-related commitments. It will help them successfully engage with PEPFAR’s annual planning processes, thus helping KP communities successfully meet their HIV needs.

Stay tuned for more information about an upcoming webinar on demystifying our PEPFAR technical brief.

The technical brief & webinar are part of an eight-part series from MPact’s Key Population Empowerment Leadership (KELP) program funded by FHI360 and ViiV Healthcare (U.K.).  MPact will issue a certificate of completion for our Key Population Empowerment Leadership (KELP) Program for those who attend a minimum of five of our virtual webinars, and successfully answer a survey after the series. Be sure to stay tuned for upcoming announcements about the next technical briefs and webinars which will cover topics including:

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