June 2012 UPDATE – e-Guide for Community Involvement at AIDS 2012

Published: June 13, 2012

ICASO, in partnership with the International AIDS Society, has developed the e-Guide for Community Involvement at AIDS 2012. The e-Guide has been designed to assist community delegates attending AIDS 2012 by providing relevant and practical information on conference-related issues, and facilitating information exchange on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, enabling community delegates to take their rightful place and participate meaningfully at the conference.  Post-conference, the e-Guide will be evaluated by means of an electronic survey.  We encourage all participants to the conference, as well as those who could not attend, to complete the evaluation survey which will be available on the e-Guide site.
This information note outlines some of the main content and key issues that have been covered in the e-Guide so far.
There have been rising concerns about the number of refusals of entry visas to the US to eligible conference participants. We encourage readers who have had their US visa application declined to share their stories if they so wish by writing to the e-Guide  and posting their comments on our “Travel to the United States” page, or alternatively using our Facebook  page or via Twitter. You may wish to add comments on US Government travel restrictions for sex workers and people who use drugs.  Please share your thoughts on the practical solutions that should have been put in place to address this issue and by whom.
Sex Worker Freedom Festival for Sex Workers and Allies 
The Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP), in collaboration with Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee (DMSC), is hosting the Sex Worker Freedom Festival in Kolkata, India – an official hub of the AIDS 2012 conference – because sex workers are likely to be refused visas to travel to Washington DC.
The Freedom Festival programme will focus on freedoms that we are all entitled to:
 ?Freedom of movement and to migrate;
 ?Freedom to access quality health services;
 ?Freedom to work and choose occupation;
 ?Freedom to associate and unionize;
 ?Freedom to be protected by the law;
 ?Freedom from abuse and violence; and
 ?Freedom from stigma and discrimination.
More information on the Freedom Festival is available on the NSWP website .  This information is also available in: ???? : Français : ??????? : Español

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