Japanese lawmakers to examine LGBT discrimination ahead of Tokyo Olympics

Naith Payton
Original Article:  bit.ly/1OfeViR

38 lawmakers from multiple parties have come together to discuss the issue of discrimination against LGBT people, in the wake of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. The group intends to look at discrimination against sexual minorities in Japan and the rest of the world, and speak to LGBT people about the issues they face.

In the run up to the Sochi Winter Olympics, Russia’s anti-gay laws and widespread discrimination were condemned around the world, and there is concern that Japan will face similar scrutiny. The Olympic charter was updated to formerly affirm the rights and protection of LGBT athletes in the wake of the Sochi controversy.

The group is being lead by Hiroshi Hase, member of the leading Liberal Democratic Party. He said: “As it hosts the Olympic Games, there is no doubt that Japanese society will be questioned on how it treats its sexual minorities. We must substantiate the principles described in the basic plan of the Games.”

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