Jamaican Facebook Page Glorifies Violence Against Gays

Published: October 9, 2011

The group started sometime today  with only twenty members so far, you are asked to report this group immediately but remember we have removed similar Jamaican groups from Facebook before.

Songs such as Capleton’s Battyman Fi Get Boom (gays are to be killed) is posted as captioned in the screen pics above also songs like "Man Nuh Lotion Man" (men do not lotion men – which suggests romantic intimacy between men) as well from Capleton who is deemed the fireman leader against gays with his music as Buju Banton is out of business serving time for his own troubles.

Act now friends but there is a strangeness to this group as many of the members have been accused of being "closet cases"   which is a fundamental issue not properly looked into that of downlow accusing others of being gay to the point of outright homophobia to supposedly cover their own tracks or to enact revenge on some person or issue they may have had. This dangerous practice if it is that what obtains here can have disastrous effects

Full text of article available at link below –

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