J-FLAG Celebrates 13 Years of Promoting Tolerance for Gays

Published: December 9, 2011

J-FLAG strongly believes that the next government must take the steps needed to promote tolerance and respect for human rights, regardless of, inter alia, sexual orientation and protect LGBT persons from abuse. Already the United Nations Human Rights Committee has instructed the government to report by the end of 2012 on the steps it will take to come into full compliance with its human rights obligations. We stand ready to assist our government on issues of concern to many Jamaicans with respect to the rights of the LGBT community.
Here are five concrete things the leaders of both political parties can do if they form the next government and can easily accomplish within a year. These are:
•       Taking Leadership for Human Rights,
•       Promoting Equality and Non-Discrimination,
•       Tackling Crime and Violence,
•       Integrating Sexuality Issues within Gender Policy and
•       Ensuring Every Child Learn in Safe Schools.
These will have a welcome and meaningful impact on the lives of all citizens, including LGBT Jamaicans, their family, friends and allies.
J-FLAG stands ready to support the government in demonstrating its commitments to protect and promote the human rights of all Jamaicans, regardless of their socio-economic status, sexual orientation, health status, disability, work, and political and religious persuasions.

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