MSMGF Congratulates Ivan Cruickshank of Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition

MSMGF commends the Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition (CVC) in appointing Ivan Cruickshank as its new Executive Director. CVC is a coalition of community leaders and non-governmental agencies that are advocates and service providers, working with and on behalf of Caribbean populations who are especially vulnerable to HIV infection or often forgotten in access to treatment and healthcare programs.

The MSMGF team shares a longstanding collaboration with Mr. Cruickshank who serves as a member of The Global Advocacy Platform to Fast Track the HIV & Human Rights Responses with Gay and Bisexual Men. Over the years, we have witnessed Mr. Cruickshank’s fierce activism as a leader in Jamaica’s HIV response and as a representative of the CVC at the regional and global level.

Since its inception, MSMGF has worked closely with members of the CVC leadership team and network. Cruickshank replaces Dr. Carolyn Gomes, an active member of The Consortium of MSM & Transgender Networks. Gomes retired from CVC after years of dedicated leadership and unwavering advocacy in the fields of global health, human rights, and HIV. MSMGF will continue to enthusiastically  support Mr. Cruickshank and the CVC team who will no doubt continue their critical work of ensuring the voices of gay and bisexual men, people who inject drugs, sex workers and transgender people are front and center in the Caribbean’s HIV response.

MSMGF is an expanding network of advocates and other experts in sexual health, LGBT/human rights, research, and policy, working to ensure an effective response to HIV among gay men and other men who have sex with men. We are directly linked with more than 120 community-based organizations, across 62 countries.

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