It Is A Serial Killer Targeting Gay Men, Police Admit

Published: November 8, 2012

SOUTH AFRICAN police have admitted that there is a serial killer who is targeting gay men after a string of murders – all of gay men – hit the nation.

At least eight gay men (inset) had been killed in similar ways over the past two years leading to speculation that a serial killer was hunting down gay men and killing them.

In a statement from the Ministry of Police received by the National Assembly this week, police admitted that four of the cases appear to have been committed by the same perpetrator.

This admission comes after Gauteng police were adamant there were no connections between any of the eight murders last year.

A suspect by the name ‘Tony Boy/Booi’ has been named as the possible killer though arrests have yet to be made. Investigations are still ongoing to apprehend the murderer.

Earlier this year police claimed that top detectives would form a provincial task team and investigate at least four of the murders.

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