Is it time for accepting same-sex marriage in Vietnam?

Published: January 9, 2012

VietNamNet Bridge – Homosexuality has been mentioned in Vietnam for a decade. Though it is not officially recognized, “the third world” has become a part of the Vietnamese society. However, it would be a long way for homosexual marriage to be recognized by the law.

In late 2010, a video clip of a wedding ceremony of two women in Hanoi was posted on the internet. The video immediately caused a stir in the online community and the public. This is the first homosexual couple who organized the first public wedding party in Vietnam. In early June 2010, a gay couple in HCM City organized their wedding publicly.

The two homosexual weddings highly attracted the public. Some said that these are good signs for an opener society. Some others argued that this is ebullience and imitation of some young people.

VietNamNet discusses this issue with experts.

Le Quang Binh, Director of the Institute for Social, Economic and Environmental Research:

Homosexual love and marriage are still “sensitive” in Vietnam, with different opinions. This issue has especially captured the public’s attention after the weddings of two homosexual couples.

There are two noteworthy viewpoints: National Assembly deputy, Prof. Nguyen Minh Thuyet said that Vietnam should have the law on homosexual marriage soon, while Doctor of Sociology Trinh Hoa Binh, who said that homosexuality is not recognized in Vietnam yet and it is necessary to “analyze to help them understand that they have mistaken, aped of homosexuality… and then gradually getting them back to normal”.

The two above viewpoints are spoken out by two prestigious people in society and they are posted on the media so they certainly make influence to the society. I think we need to make clear analysis about this.

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