Investigation could also be protection for the health of male sex workers

Published: August 1, 2008

Investigation could also be protection for the health of male sex workers

Background: Male sex workers are commonly called “Money Boys”, or simply refer to as MB. They usually get together in brothels, saunas, parks, and internet chat rooms where gay men often visit. They leave their contact information in these gay venues and provide sex service to people requesting their service. Since they usually have multi sexual clients including male and female, they are a high-risky group and also a hidden bridge population. With the approach of interaction between MSM sexual workers and investigation team members, the project developed several diversified forms of education. They could be used to promote behavior changes among the money boys and the people around them.

Methods: 59 money boys in their age from 17 to 25 participated in the intervention investigation in brothels, saunas, public toilets, bars, and internet chat rooms. The investigation focused on their needs and life situation. Related suggestions had been worked out after the investigation like: regular sexual health education and condom distribution; close personal relationships; and an investigation network.

Results: Core indicator after the investigation showed that the condom usage rate had been increased from 47% before the investigation to 91% after the investigation. Other indicators also changed sharply. The information spread and behavior change are obvious. Since many of the money boys play bottom roles in the sex service, they are now clearly aware of the danger if without protection in such practice. They even shared the protection information among other money boys voluntarily.

Conclusions: Investigation could also be used as an intervention approach. The good and stable long term personal relationship between the professional investigators and target population could make a change in a long term.

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