Intersections: Immigration with Anthony Adero [video]

Published: March 18, 2013

Published on Mar 18, 2013

Social Outreach Seattle would like to present our Intersections [TED] Program that will continue engaging the community in meaningful dialogue around the social justice and equality issues that effect all of us.

This month’s Intersections topic:
Immigration and Immigrant Rights are LGBTQ people’s issue!
presented by Social Outreach Seattle in collaboration with ACLU (& Legal Voice, QLaw, OneAmerica, Gender Justice League, AILA, GSBA, ERW & NWIRP)

Anthony Adero is SOSea’s Director of Immigration and Asylum Outreach. Anthony is a young human rights, LGBT and HIV advocate lobbying for access to Sexual Reproductive Health information, STI and HIV services, and human rights for gay communities. Anthony is openly gay.

Anthony has worked in peer education, hands on activism, LGBT clinics and recourse centers. Areas of working in both regional and internationals platforms to address HIV related issues affecting gay men especially living with HIV.

Anthony advocates for current and critical issues affecting LGBT people and wants to further pin point current strategies for effective change; supporting anti-stigma as well as HIV education campaigns that work to ensure we increase and enforce protective laws and strategies that oppose and repeal laws that criminalize HIV non-disclosure, exposure or transmission, homosexuality, and gender variance. Anthony is also a member of the Youth Reference Group at The Global Forum on MSM and HIV, MSM plus Africa.

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