Out With It: MPact's Pre-Meeting at AIDS 2018

Join us on July 22nd, 2018 at the KIT Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam, Netherlands for

Organized in conjuction with our Youth Reference Group and local co-hosts COC, GNP+, and ICSS

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    Register now for Out With It: Community Solutions for the Sexual Health and Rights of Young Gay and Bisexual Men. Attendance is free of charge but preference will be given to activists from the global south aged 29 and younger and/or living with HIV. Click here to register now!


It is time for community-led solutions to the challenges facing young gay and bisexual men.

There are an estimated 1.9 million new HIV infections a year globally, a disproportionate number of which are among young men who have sex with men. HIV responses that are dictated from the top-down suffer from lack of ownership and community assent. We urgently need to support interventions on sexual health and rights that are innovative and strategically deployed by and for gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men.

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MPact’s Out With It Pre-Meeting and Reception is a day-long interactive youth-led event centered around generating and refining innovative, community-led solutions for the sexual health and rights of young gay and bisexual men.

This official AIDS 2018 pre-meeting will facilitate exchange and discussion among top youth activists, researchers, and community members for MPact’s Global Challenge— a call for forward-thinking solutions on sexual health topics such as healthcare access, stigma and discrimination, LGBT rights and more.

Out With It participants will learn about the key issues facing young gay and bisexual men through presentations from the Global Challenge Innovation Teams, as well as work together with Innovation Team leaders to further develop proposals into fully-fledged solutions. Out With It will serve as a platform for incubating and showcasing new ideas. Bring your creativity, critical thinking skills, and personal experiences to drive community solutions for improved sexual health. The Pre-meeting will be immediately followed by a reception.


Please note: Space for the Out With It Pre-Meeting and Reception is limited. While registration for the Pre-Meeting is open to everyone, MPact is fully committed to making the Pre-Meeting accessible to young gay and bisexual men, men who are living with HIV, and men from low- and middle-income countries that have been traditionally underrepresented at these conferences. Applicants from these groups will be prioritized for admittance.