Integral attention clinic for LGTTB community in Honduras

Published: August 1, 2008

Integral attention clinic for LGTTB community in Honduras

Background: In Honduras there is a very high level of stigma and discrimination against LGTTB community in governmental health centres, perpetuated by medical staff, nurses and general staff. In many cases, representatives of LGTTB community prefer not to go to health facilities, for the mistreatment they are likely to suffer. LGTTB living with HIV are strongly limited in their capacity to attend regularly health facilities, to access therapy, to be advised on how carrying on a healthy life, protecting themselves and their partners from infection and re-infection.

Methods: In 2007 Arcoiris (Honduras NGO working with LGTTB community) opened in Tegucigalpa the first and the only Integral Attention Clinic for LGTTB existing in the country, aimed at reducing the risk exposition, limiting mental and physical health deterioration of LGTTB and enhancing HIV prevention.
The clinic provides to LGTTB community integral health attention free of charge, free medicines, HIV tests, counselling, care and support. In the clinic the medical staff is composed of a doctor, two nurses, a psychologist and a social worker that work every day, full time.

• 60 people attended monthly
• Following up to each person’s expedient (200 expedients on the whole)
• LGTTB attending the clinic coming from different part of the country
• Training and seminars on HIV prevention realized every month, targeted to LGTTB.

• UNAIDS-Honduras considers as a priority to support the integral attention clinic and similar initiatives due to the dramatic impact of stigma and discrimination on the spreading of the epidemic
• It is necessary to train medical staff in governmental health centres on sexual diversity issues to reduce discrimination and stigma
• Arcoiris acknowledges the weakness of mental health attention in the country and the priority to implement friendly environments providing mental health care.

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