Innovative digital HIV and AIDS education and prevention for marginalised communities: Philadelphia's Frontline TEACH

Published: April 15, 2012


In the last decade many HIV and AIDS education and prevention resources have been adapted for use
on the Internet in the form of fact sheets, news feeds and educational videos. Despite these online
resources, the educational needs of marginalised communities at risk of HIV are still not being met in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Many individuals from marginalised communities often lack the
digital literacy skills required to engage effectively with the overwhelming and diverse online resources
available about HIV education and prevention. To address this problem this paper describes Frontline
TEACH—an adaptation of Project TEACH—which combines face-to-face and online education for
a population of HIV-negative people who have a need for targeted HIV education. Drawing on our
experiences and evaluation results, we argue the Frontline TEACH course design and delivery
improved upon existing online HIV education and prevention approaches by integrating Moodle and
YouTube to widen community access and participation. We outline recommendations for Open Distance
Flexible Learning (ODFL) formats to design innovative digital HIV and AIDS education and
prevention for marginalised communities.

Full text of article available at link below –

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