Influential Caribbean Country Is Leaning Towards LGBT Rights

Published: October 13, 2014

Huffington Post
Jessica Joseph

The hellishly homophobic headline makers; Uganda, Jamaica, Russia, Egypt tend to capture most of the time and resources of human rights NGOs and funding agencies. This is understandable. Human and financial resources to fight homophobia are precious, so places with glaring human rights tragedies are prioritized. However, it might make more sense to apply strategic attention to places where the wall separating LGBT people from freedom and equality is already cracking and crumbling, than places where the wall is thick and insurmountable.

According to a recent UNAIDS survey, Trinidad and Tobago’s population is having a radical shift in attitudes towards LGBT Rights. It is not the only survey of its kind that reflects this. This has been a pattern for some time and is gaining momentum. This twin island republic is located at the southern-most part of the Caribbean archipelago, just seven miles off the coast of Venezuela and is the richest of the 20 islands of the CARICOM (Caribbean Common Market).

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