India's LGBT Community Share Their Fears In A Powerful Video

Published: August 13, 2014

India’s LGBT community is by far the most marginalized. Cultural prejudices apart, the upholding of Section 377, that criminalizes homosexual behavior, by the country’s apex court, set the LGBT movement back by decades.

This systemized repression, however, has invited a strong opposition that finds its voice various grassroot movements across the country. The Gaysi Family is one such platform that attempts gather stories of queer struggle in India.

In their latest video, very ironically titled "Darr / ?? – A True Story," brings together some extremely brave voices who share their fears of being a lesbians, gay, bisexual, or a transgender in India. The powerful video puts together some prominent, as well as some not so prominent LGBT activists of India, emulating the trials of a community that most of country isn’t even comfortable talking about.

LGBT activist Harish Iyer, also featured in the video, elaborates, "This video is about the man, the woman, the transperson who is in the closets for so long that their silences are deafeningly loud. And, in many cases, it is not even their choice that they are in the closet. It is the wide spread prejudice that put them there."

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