Indian TV report outs gay men

Published: February 24, 2011

Footage was secretly recorded inside a gay clubFootage was secretly recorded inside a gay club

Several gay men have been outed by a TV news report in an Indian city.

Channel TV9 Telugu, which is broadcast in Hyderabad, carried out a ‘sting’ on gay internet dating profiles.

The programme, Gay Culture Rampant In Hyderabad, saw a reporter logging on to gay website

Users were labelled ‘deviants and their names and photos were clearly shown.

Extremely personal information about one man – including his penis size and preferred sexual position – was revealed by the programme.

The reporter also telephoned two men from the site to ask intimate questions about their sex lives and where they live and work.

The covertly-recorded conservations were broadcast with images of the men taken from their online profiles.

Footage was also secretly recorded inside a gay club.

According to an English translation of the script, programme-makers said that students and white-collar employees were becoming “slaves to [a] lifestyle which is against the natural way”.

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