In Their Own Words: Men of Color Explain Why They Take PrEP

Published: October 22, 2014

Daniel Reynolds
Original Article:

Earlier this month, we profiled gay and bisexual men for their reasons for taking PrEP, a daily pill that can reduce HIV transmission by up to 99 percent if taken daily as prescribed. While many readers expressed gratitude for giving a spotlight to PrEP, many also pointed out the lack of voices of men of color, who statistically are at greater risk of contracting HIV.

As Mathew Rodriguez pointed out in an op-ed piece published concurrently with this article, "PrEP will do very little to end the AIDS epidemic until it gets into the hands of young gay men of color," who "are put at risk by poverty, lack of access to housing, lack of competent medical care, racism, heterosexism, homophobia, and stigma." And while PrEP is not an panacea for these ills, a conversation about options and education is an essential place to start.

To this end, The Advocate reached out to gay and bi men of color who use PrEP to hear their stories of why they began treatment, the stigma they may have encountered, the side effects they experienced, and advice for those on the fence about it. Read their stories in their own words.

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