ILGA is saddened by the loss of Cameroonian activist, colleague and friend, Stphane Tchakam

Published: August 14, 2012

ILGA is saddened and shocked by the sudden death of Stéphane Tchakam this Monday August 13, 2012. Co-founder of Alternatives Cameroon and Chief Editor of Le Jour, one of the main daily newspapers in Cameroon, Stephane was a well respected journalist and an ardent activist for LGBTI and Human rights.

Stéphane worked tirelessly to see LGBTI people equal in his country which he believed to be a sign of the modernity, full democracy and citizenship of a transformed Cameroon.

He was one of the few gay men to be publicly out in a country which still penalises same sex acts with 5 years imprisonment. Stephane collaborated with ILGA as a communication officer of Pan Africa ILGA for several years, in an effort to make the African LGBTI movement stronger.

A great lover of the arts and artists, he will be remembered for his glowing beauty, joy, grace and love for life. His great wit, generosity and strength will surely continue to guide LGBTI supporters in Cameroon

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