Identity Magazine, Kenya's LGBT & Sex Work Magazine, Sophomore Issue, Nov 2011

Published: November 16, 2011

Dear Identity Magazine reader,

I am excited to bring you our sophomore issue! A month ago, Identity premiered to good review and coverage that helped it gain a wide readership and subscribers base. This is commendable. I thank you and welcome the comments, suggestions, constructive criticism I received on the premier issue.

Our sophomore issue is longer (to satisfy your reading thirst) as well as compact with good articles and quality photo work. This issue is a longer read with extra pages and extra extra articles and stories. We hope it delivers. As always, you are welcome to send us your opinion on it in order to make subsequent issues better.

My thanks to the many contributors of this issue with whose help this issue would not have been possible. To them I owe a heartfelt thank you. And to you, my reader, who once again can enjoy reading this magazine.

I am sending you Identity in an online version (better read with the feel of page turning) and this can be accessed HERE

Again, personal thank you to all who have made this issue possible.

For advertising, sales and article contributions, please e-mail the Editor via /

With the best,

Denis Nzioka,
Chief Editor,
Identity Magazine

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