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Published: January 26, 2012

A new year, a new month, a new way of doing things!

I am excited to bring to you Identity Magazine’s January 2012 issue.

This issue is an issue of first and breaking of records of sorts. First, its the longest we have done so far (and since its a new year issue, we can get away with it) and it features exciting and amazing new sections. Consider for example, the Soul Mates section – Yes, Kenya’s first ever Soul Mates section exclusively for the gay, lesbian, trans, bisexual and queer community makes a premier in our magazine. Tired of fake profiles on dating sites, blind dates or set up dates, well, here is a chance for you to meet that special someone.

Queer Watchtower makes a grand come-back. This time, he dissects Ishtar MSM, Kenya’s premier MSM group, founded inn 1997. Terming it as ‘old, lazy and senile’ Watchtower offers a brutal and shocking prognosis of what ails the ‘oldest diva queen on the block’ Neville Tirimba is a young and upcoming film and art enthusiast. He offers criticism – another first – on gay films and movies. Kate, our resident lesbian poet and author details the cycle of abuse and violence that is prevalent – yet goes unreported – in same sex couples. On that note, we introduce the premier writing of Immah Reid who reminisces on her dating Daniella, her girlfriend. Daniella was born Daniel, a boy. James Wan offers insight on how Shuga II and its casting of a gay character in the second season, will affect or throw into limelight the issue of gay rights in Kenya.

Sexual orientation and gender identity are not, at least yet, recognized grounds for asylum seekers and refugees. Jonathan Kalan traces the movement of two gay Ugandans who flee their home country to seek refuge. MaqC looks at relationships and seeks to answer the age old question – Is the grass truly greener on the other side? Gipsy’s bar in Westland occupies gay history in Kenya as being the first and only openly gay bar in Nairobi. BarFly was there when it opened and closed and he offers a glimpse into beer, barmen and bouncers. Akinyi, who is our latest addition as a columnist looks at how emotions affect our sexual orientations and gender identity. Eric & Oluoch collaborate in a FAQ segment to answer your questions on sex, condoms, dressing, and just about everything you were afraid to ask.

The Editor’s Choice article goes to Tendai’s story on Brian who was diagnosed with HIV after breaking up with his long term boyfriend. Citing a single incident when the condom broke, Brian’s story is emotive, challenging and slightly scary. Still on HIV, Mathenge, the ‘face of male sex workers in Kenya’ brings to us an interesting development and progress – Male sex workers and MSMs in Nairobi launching a support group for themselves. Congratulations! Rev John Makokha’s meanders in Western Kenya brings to you what he discovered in the land of chicken. Finally, Barbra Muruga, in her piece, answers this question – Does dating a Trans woman make a guy gay?

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