Identity Kenya Magazine April 2012

Published: May 1, 2012

Happy May Holiday dear Identity Kenya magazine readers and subscribers,

We are excited to bring you the April 2012 issue of Kenya’s only LGBT and sex work magazine. Due to a technical issue, we were not able to send it out as is tradition on the last day of the month; we do hope to satiate the many concerned readers who called or e-mailed asking for their copy of their favorite magazine.

As usual, we have beautiful pieces and what better way to start this May holiday with a good read? Boasting a new cadre of writers and contributors as well as exciting features and articles, our April issue will make a wonderful read for the days coming.

Our headline story is an interview I did with renowned Prof. Makau Mutua who categorically states, ‘I support gays, so what?’ He pulls no punches and in this reveal-all we find a man acutely aware of what he pushes for and the willingness to face challenges to ensure all persons, including LGBT, enjoy their rights. Tied in with this is our back page story about a survey that was launched yesterday that seeks to analyze the human rights situation of sexual and gender minorities in Kenya; the findings, by Identity Magazine regular contributor and lawyer, Eric Gitari will be released publicly in September of this year.

When two lesbians committed suicide in Kisumu this Easter, Kate Kamunde wrote a poem in their memory. She shares it with us. Also, watch out this month when Kate launches her premier poetry book. Njoroge Joe is published this month as his coming out story has a twist – his father literally chocked him to death. Yes, read about that night he was almost killed by his Catholic father when he dropped the bombshell.

Tied in with human rights is Roselyn Odoyo’s piece ‘Sodomy Laws in Kenya.’ She is our latest addition and she charts the histori-city of anti-homosexuality legislation in Kenya. John Makokha shares with us chew-able tit bits on organisation planning, forming and delivery. Our main feature is an interview by Jackson Otieno of the otherwise heterosexual General Manager of GALCK charged to, as it were, push a ‘gay agenda’ Read his story on why he took up this job and the challenges he has faced so far. Dagitari Wawira, a blogger photographer and one of the harshest critic of identities and labels, rants in this piece – When being a homosexual is not a big deal. Speaking of labels, AMSHeR’s Communications Officer, Tendai Terrence, shares a poetic and deep piece titled ‘Who Am I?’

Barbra Muruga who defines herself as a transfeminist talks on the peculiar, yet uniquie and critical role that trans persons have to the feminist movement. Read her thoughts. As usual, in a PG Rated piece, blogger and enthusiast Cole Mutahi meanders the world of men, dating and couples. Larry Misedah, writing from Houston, speaks on Afrricans in Diaspora and those who identify as LGBT. Finally, Akinyi Ocholla writes on family. Queer Watchtower makes a come back – This time he dares writes on someone

Of course, with the above, comes other exciting installments in our issue – Soul Mates (get a date, find a friend or get lucky, as one of my friends put it), the Opportunities page where we have different ads of immediate job openings. Our Kenya News section, as well as In Africa and In the World news section will keep you up to date on the goings on in these three regions. My editorial this month is titled aptly, Homosexuality v/s Human Rights. There is something in there.

Now, comes the time when you can read all this and more by clicking HERE or copy paste the following link (below) on a new tab on your browser. Mark you, you can download the magazine, ‘like’ share it with friends and your networks and social media. We would be highly grateful.

Finally, we wish you all happy holidays and all the best in every imaginable way!

Aluta continua!

Warmest of regards,
Denis Nzioka

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