"I tried not to be gay by getting married" – Tomlinson

Published: May 29, 2012

MAURICE Tomlinson, who sought refuge in Canada after he received countless death threats following news of his marriage to another man earlier this year, says there is no cure for homosexuality as it is not a disease.

Tomlinson, who in earlier days struggled with his sexuality, said he, like Reverend Dennis Jernigan, was a part of a group designed to remove his homosexual feelings.

Jernigan has come out against homosexuality and claims he is completely cured after 22 years of leading a gay lifestyle and is now happily married with nine children. But Tomlinson is adamant that gays cannot be cured from their same sex urgings.

"There is a movement which alleges they can cure you of homosexual feelings, it involves a lot of prayer, meetings and counseling with the idea that you will be cured," he said,"For several months I had one such group meeting in my home, long and short of it, I realised that it was not working. I remained attracted to men and even ended up having sexual relations with two men in the group, one of whom is now clinically depressed and the other has left his family."

Tomlinson said the support groups geared at curing homosexuality actually do more harm than good in many cases. He said the group tried to teach him to deny his feelings when it should have helped him to make better decisions.

He insisted that such groups may help to continue the spread of HIV/AIDS.

"They teach you to be deceptive and hide who you are. Many men carry on with the down low life because they cannot be honest with themselves and their women. They end up taking chances with other men, often unprotected, because they cannot have condoms without explaining them to their wives and end up taking STDs home to their families," he told the Jamaica Observer.

Tomlinson said he tried everything possible to suppress his urges, he even got married to a female friend who knew of his homosexuality.

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