I Refuse to Cast a Stone

Published: December 21, 2010

International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers was observed  on 17 December. In Nairobi the event was marked by a silent procession from Koinange Street to the Sarakasi Dome.

Photo by Daudi Were and here courtesy of harvesttone.com

At the dome a line up of speakers and some very good entertainment was on the program. The MC, Sasha , a beautiful petite lady with a red top and blue jeans, very good swahili and dance moves did her job very well. The notable speakers included Zawadi Nyong’o, Esther Passaris, some of the sex workers spoke on their personal stories and there was a Reverend too. A really nice man who danced very well to Bob Marley’s ‘Iron, Lion, Zion’.

The Sarakasi Dome was filled to capacity with 500 people; Kenyan citizens and sex workers included. The slogan of the day was ‘Mwili Wangu, Chaguo Langu’ and the message all through the speeches and performances that included skits and poetry was that a sex worker is a human being with human rights.

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