Hunger Strike in the Hall of Jail Trans Ezeiza

Published: March 10, 2011

On Saturday March 5 received a phone call from Nicole, a transvestite who is housed with five companions more (Viviana, Pilar, Tamara, Emily and Pamela) in Complex No. 1, module 6, Hall "A" Federal Prison Ezeiza.

That day, like many others, were attacked for no reason by prison guards, who were not allowed access to the kitchen to prepare meals and violently entered the pavilion, insulting detainees and took mailboxes (punishment cell) a companion, Emily, who tried to talk to calm the situation. Went on hunger strike in protest.

Report that they have reached a breaking point unsustainable given the extreme conditions of detention and confinement in which they live, the systematic mistreatment and abuse of power by prison officials because of their gender identity and their status as detainees. Also report the problem of access to adequate food, basic hygiene items and cleaning, and that "the service does not have some sort of organization for us."

In a letter sent two months ago, Emily reports that "this is a mess I have sanctioned partners most of the week the staff we continue to make life impossible. This module and flag has no ventilation and bars until the lava pit face confinement (…) this is the time of the military "(sic). It is noteworthy that Emily is a carrier of HIV and is running a serious risk your life, now isolated in solitary confinement and on hunger strike.

Given the urgency of the situation, transvestites and cross six companions ask that the hunger strike just beginning to be distributed on all possible media and make public knowledge.

We demand that the competent judicial bodies guarantee the physical integrity of detainees and take appropriate steps to remedy the situations reported.

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