Human Rights vs. LGBT Rights

Published: December 30, 2013

 Among the thousands of Syrians staying in Turkey, there are certainly many LGBTIs.

What they say to Syrian LGBTs in Syria and in the countries where they seek asylum is “Human life is priority, not gay rights.

Both the Syrian regime and the opposition are homophobic
Subhi is a 26 year old Syrian. He has been living in the city of Antakya in Turkey for nine months and he is working in a non-governmental organization.
He says that there has never been a strong LGBTI movement in Syria and people have fears and are hesitant. He says, “If there had been such a movement, the situation would have been very different for LGBTIs when the rebellions started.”
Neither the regime nor the Free Syrian Army nor Islamist groups allow the possibility of life for LGBTI people. The government fights ideologically and Islamists use guns against homosexuality. He adds “The situation on both sides is not very good for us.”
“Before the conflicts started, they started to arrest gays just because of their sexual orientation. We made a complaint to Human Rights Watch about this. Around 27 gays were arrested by the militia. I interviewed one of them a month after they were released. He said that they were told to purify themselves, pay money and were severely tortured and raped.”

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